ABOUT InterAktiv e.V.

The InterAktiv was founded in 2011 on the initiative of Ms. Sevgi Bozdag and from the very beginning was motivated by the vision of a diverse society where a multi-ethnic, tolerant and equal coexistence of people would be taken for granted. Physical, mental or emotional disorders we interpret as an expression of this diversity. We see in each person its originality and development capacity. It is important to us that everyone can use their right for self-determination and extensive participation in the social life. That’s what we are committed to. InterAktiv provide people with/without disabilities, with/without a migrant or fleeing background with the gratuitous assistance, necessary individual guidance, support groups, cultural and entertaining activities.

Sevgi Bozdag (the 1st Chairman InterAktiv e.V.)
(Charitiy) Management

Tel.: 030 490 88 494

Theresa Mair
Project management * AGHB

030 490 88 494

Julius Engel * Rechtsberatung * Termine nur nach Vereinbarung
(freie) Mitarbeit* AGHB

030 588 58 271

Melisa Demirkol
Familienentlastender Dienst

030 490 88 585

Paul Esser

030 588 58 271

Counselling project  

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