InterAktiv was founded at the territory of the city-state of Berlin as an organisation for self-improvement to support people with disabilities and/or with a migrant background and their relatives. Since its foundation in 2011, the association has extremely expanded its range of intercultural and easily accessible self-help offers for all those in need of our support. These include classic intercultural and virtual support groups, information events that focus on health issues and social participation as well as multilingual or simultaneously translated consultations based on the principle of self-improvement. The self-help offers are there not only for the people with disabilities but also for their relatives. Parents, siblings, partners and other family members take everyday care and responsibilities for those affected by disability or chronic illness and are in need of services which help them to get over their life situation as a migrant or refugee in Germany and to break some cultural, linguistic and religious barriers. Therefore InterAktiv offers some group-specific events for self-improvement. We provide not only classic support groups but also such offers as relaxation training, sports events for the parents, family trips, family relief services and individual support for siblings in order to encourage their positive cultural development, etc.

  Counselling services for refugees with disabilities and their relatives (AGHB)
Intercultural group for refugee families of disabled people  

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