People from other countries and cultures face many barriers to accessing German health, help, promotional and educational systems as well as assistance for the people with disabilities and social adaptation. InterAktiv helps to overcome these barriers and offers people with disabilities and a migrant or fleeing background and their families, culturally sensitive and family-oriented counselling services and guidance. In our personal meetings the advice seekers find out what kind of help they need, who are responsible for the specific issues and what special services and organizations could be involved in. There is an opportunity to provide you with some attendant services in your language (if necessary) to public offices, medical and educational institutions, etc. The counseling service offered by InterAktiv also includes the regular organization of information events about health, care, adaptation and supplying of all relevant materials. All cases we receive are taken seriously and confidentially. Our multicultural team is highly professional and speaks several foreign languages such as: German, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, English and French.

  Intercultural group for refugee families of disabled people
Counselling services for refugees with disabilities and their relatives (AGHB)  

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